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Siberian Kittens for Sale

Our sweet kittens are eager to melt your heart and become your cherished companions. Experience the magic of kitten companionship; adopt one and transform your world. 180 Day Warranty. Deworming. 

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Siberian Kittens For Sale

We are a home based, smoke free cattery .  We take pride in our cats which come from top bloodlines. We love our cats very much, and are completely dedicated to their health, happiness, and superiority. We are devoted to ensuring that all cats are happy and friendly, so kitten buyers like you will enjoy them as pets!A good pet can be a good companion, but the right pet can provide a sense of happiness, loyalty and love that is unmatched. Making the decision to have a pet in your life is not always easy, but it is always important to find the right match.
With over 8+ Years of Experience Georgina Maine Coon Kittens ensure that our healthy, happy and socialized Siberian Kittens brings extra happiness to your home

Siberian Kittens For Sale

This friendly and affectionate feline will follow you around as you go about your day, and purr in your lap as you comb her coat. Siberian Cats love their humans but aren’t shy around strangers.

The Siberian cat is a medium-sized, semi-longhaired cat that is both breathtaking to behold and an affectionate pet. Siberian is a forest cat native to snowy Russia, where it needed its luxurious triple coat to protect against cold. This breed has a delightful personality—outgoing, affectionate, friendly, and energetic—making it an exceptional feline companion. They enjoy the company of other cats and even dogs and are good with gentle, respectful children.

WEIGHT: 15 to 20 pounds

LENGTH: 17 to 25 inches

COAT: Varies from coarse to soft; moderately long to longhaired triple coat with a full collar ruff

COAT COLOR: Any color combination or pattern

EYE COLOR: All colors

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 18 years

They are described by breeders and owners as being dog-like in their personalities, as they are incredibly loyal to their owners and run to greet you when you come home. They also like to get into in whatever happens to be going on in the house at the time, whether it’s reading the paper with you (by draping themselves across it!) or ‘helping’ you with your household chores.

Siberians are actually good all-rounders as their sweet natures mean they are great with children and dogs, and even other cats. One of the breed’s more unusual traits is their love of water due to their waterproof topcoats, whether it’s a running tap, a sink of water or a shower, your Siberian may well find a way to enjoy it – so bear in mind that next time you take a bath, you might find yourself with a fluffy gatecrasher!

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Kittens deserve people and people deserve the love of Kittens! Our vision is to always serve with love, we are here to help you find the very next thing that will shower you with abundant love, we are here to give that to you. We love our job because of the happiness we can give to each and every customer.

Health is Not an Issue With Us

We breed healthy Siberian Kittnes with strong bloodlines. We take pride in our Kittens and are committed to providing the best care.

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We Can arrange for delivery to be made to your address in case you are not in the same state as us. Delivery is through flight and it is very efficient and safe

Kitten Health

Our Siberian Kittens are healthy, beautiful family Pets and we are proud to offer our high-quality Kittens to loving homes.

Kitten Training

Our Siberian Kittens are healthy, beautiful family Kittens which are easy to train and we are proud to offer our high-quality Kittens to loving homes.


This distinct breed thrives off of vigorous and intense activity. With proper exercise, these intelligent Kittens can be quite polite and playful

About Siberian Kittens For sale

The Siberian is a native cat of Russia. It can be found in snowy forests, back alleys of some of Russia’s largest cities and on the icy plains of the Taiga River. Little is known about their early history and development, but the earliest known reference to a longhaired Russian cat is from 1000AD and they have existed in Russian fairy tales and folklore ever since.

The first Siberian was imported to the United States from their homeland in 1990. They are known as loving, intelligent and beautiful household pets that love playing with – and in- water!

It is said that the Siberian cat’s heart is as warm as its homeland is cold. IT is true that the Siberian is a cat that loves people and wants to be with them. It is not shy with strangers and it is happy to play host, chatting away in charming trills and chirps. It tends not to be as needy as some breeds, but will welcome your attention when you’re ready for  snuggles.

There are two types of Siberians: the traditional which are calico in coloring, tabbies, bi-colors and solids. The other variety is called color point or “Neva Masquerade”, both for the Neva River in Siberia and the mask-like appearance of the color point. These cats have stunning blue eyes and their extremities can be tipped in gray, red and brown.

Their athletic build supports their reputation for being exceptionally agile jumpers. Their full neck ruff and triple very water-resistant medium-long coat helped them deal with the harsh Russian winters. This, coupled with their dog-like personality, makes them an energetic, fun-loving feline. They tend not to be shy with strangers, as is so common in some cat breeds. They are a loyal, affection and playful breed.
The Siberian has a medium long coat that is resistant to matting and luxuriously soft.  They are naturally healthy and easy-keepers. 


They’re an active and playful breed, enjoying games like fetch and learning tricks that stimulate them mentally. Their athleticism allows them to climb and perch themselves from the highest heights. This bold cat loves to play with water and gets along well with other pets and children.


The Siberian’s head is wedge-shaped with soft contours, topped by medium to large tufted ears. Their nearly round eyes range from shades of green to gold to copper, though white Siberians or those with white markings or patches may have blue eyes or eyes of different colors. Strong-boned legs and round, tufted paws support their muscular body and long, thick tail.


11 to 15 years


Siberians come in a full spectrum of colors and patterns.


Siberians shed seasonally in the spring and fall. To keep their coat tangle- and mat-free, brush them a few times per week. Baths are rarely needed, thanks to their water-resistant triple coat.


Siberian Cats are a relatively healthy breed. Like many other breeds, however, they do have a slightly higher risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease characterized by an enlarged heart.


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Just received a beautiful 11 week old Siberian kitten. We tried for six months to adopt a rescue, but they went as soon as they were posted on the rescue web sites. Dream Siberian Kittens is a better and the service is great.

Lesley Malish, TX

Our experience with Dream Siberian Kittens was great. Our 7 year old boy’s dream is fulfilled and he has his little kitten!

Alexis Scott , WY

We have been looking for a kitten for a long time from a reputable breeder in a reasonable time frame. Dream Siberian Kittens found us a nice kitten and we had her delivered to our doorstep. The service was excellent and we are very pleased with the beautiful healthy kitten we purchased.

Chloe Becker, ON

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